Murphy’s Guide to Spooky Snacks!

Need ideas for frightening foods and demonic drinks this Halloween? Never fear, wrap your screaming gear around these devilish dishes. Gingerdead Men These are like regular gingerbread men but you present the little fellas in morbid positions, like drowned in a glass of milk, crushed to death by an unstable gingerbread house or just simple … Continue reading Murphy’s Guide to Spooky Snacks!

Murphy’s Guide To Cockney Rhyming Slang

Have you ever met an English person and thought “what the hell are they talking about?” Well, they may be using cockney rhyming slang!  This peculiar way of speaking originated in a small village in England named Cockney Town in the 1960s and was originally used to confuse wizards. It is now one of the … Continue reading Murphy’s Guide To Cockney Rhyming Slang

‪Crazy Animal Facts!

You might think there’s nothing interesting about animals, but you’d be stupidly mistaken.  Here are some mind blowing animal facts that’ll make you say “holy shit!” Or should I say, “holy animals!” The Mexican Walking Fish is not actually a fish, isn’t Mexican, and can’t walk. Only female giraffes can sneeze. Because of the shape … Continue reading ‪Crazy Animal Facts!

Murphy’s Xmas Top Tens: Top 10 Christmas Themed Episodes of TV Shows

Ever since Christmas was invented, we’ve had the honour of seeing our favourite characters from the television shows we love celebrating it, just like us ordinary boring nonfictional folk do, and that makes us feel good. Sure, Halloween specials are kinda cool, and Thanksgiving spectaculars can be a bit of fun, but nothing makes you … Continue reading Murphy’s Xmas Top Tens: Top 10 Christmas Themed Episodes of TV Shows