The 10 Biggest Movie Plot Holes

Films are great, but some of them have glaring errors, and there’s just no excuse for that kind of shit. Here’s a list of the worst mistakes ever made in the history of film. Die Hard Bruce Willis didn’t get questioned or anything. He just went off in that limo with his wife and that … Continue reading The 10 Biggest Movie Plot Holes


What To Say and What Not To Say On Australia Day

January 26th- the day we all put aside our differences and realise that Australia is the best country in the world and anyone who disagrees is incredibly wrong. The day we have an excuse to drink insane amounts of alcohol and eat a farm’s worth of animals in one afternoon because that’s what Captain Cook … Continue reading What To Say and What Not To Say On Australia Day

Baby Names

Here are my ideas for baby names. If you wanna use them, send me a private message and we'll discuss fees. Boy Names: Hamdrew Lion The Rolling Stones Kellogg Guitar Girl Names: Andreahannah-Anne Sweden Lemonaida Cacti Brooke Who's Talking Bonus! Dog names: Androol Dungus McStinkfarts George Gnawman Heh Heh Flea Wee Herman