Ten Must Watch TV Shows

Well, they say television is the new podcasts. And if you’re thinking about dipping your toes into the melting pot that is TV but struggling to wrap your head around which shows to sink your eyes into, rest assured I can offer you some clear and concise guidance.

So whether you’re wanting something to distract you from the awful gloomy void of grim terror that is your sad and stale depressing life, or just something to chuck on in the background while you cook a curry, I’ve compiled this list of ten TV shows to check out.

Underwater Police – Ajax “Grenade” Macintosh and his team of crack detectives deal with deep-sea related criminal activities like unlicensed scuba diving, algae theft and flounder bigamy. This show takes a while to get into but make sure you stick with it. Sure, seasons one and two are pretty rough around the edges, and the third and fourth seasons are still fairly average, and don’t even get me started on season five, but come the series finale it really starts to find its feet.

Paging Dr. Splurgx – Xrottzxhhi Splrurgx MD is just your average podiatrist, with a couple slight quirks – he is a gaseous radioactive being from Planet Xenoop hellbent on taking over Earth and destroying the human race, and he has a stutter! Paging Dr. Splrurgx has gained quite a few accolades over the years: Selena Huxberg won a Silver Meddy at the 2003 Medical Dramedy Series Awards for her portrayal as Patient With The Nasty Corns Who Gets Zapped in Season 9 Episode 8, Dr Grant’s Birthday; and the show was nominated to be nominated for Most Adequate Lighting In An Anal Probe Scene for Season 14, Episode 65, Valentines Day Blues.

Tweet Peeps – From the makers of Gogglebox, this show involves real everyday folk reacting to some of the most popular Twitter accounts online. Watch as the Harrison family from Ballarat smile politely at Larry Emdur posting a picture of himself at the beach; sisters Maddi and Ally look bored as they scroll through Tim Cahill’s feed; and elderly couple Bob and Madge struggle to read their phone screen. 

Do We Have Any Beans – This classic early 90s sitcom focuses on Digby Wenches, a down on his luck cobbler living in a one-bedroom flat in Bloggs on Smythe in Southern England with his long-suffering wife, his eccentric mother-in-law and his best friend Eggy. The show spawned the catchphrases “oh bloody hell, my kettle!”, “turn on the telly woman!” and “ooh wouldn’t mind a bit of toast innit.” It also inspired the song ‘“I Wanna Shag Daphne Wenches” by alt rock band Sticky Cod.

Gumnut Edison Mysteries – This Aussie teen series features teenage nerd Gumnut Edison, his sarcastic sister Kimberley, and loyal pet wombat Bumbo investigating mysteries at their school in the small outback town of Bogroll. Whether they’re trying to work out the mystery of who stabbed the maths teacher, or who shot the assistant principal, or who burnt down the school killing multiple students, this series is light-hearted fun with kooky characters and a poppy soundtrack.

Don’t Forget the Name of the Bass Player – On this game show hosted by Lenora Fraxton, the drummer from the 80s band The Blamoozles, players must listen to a popular song and name the bass player. The show has inspired the similar game shows The Bass Player Guessing Game, Can You Name The Bass Player and Who Wants To Be a Bass Player Guesser, but this one remains the original and the fourth best. The highest rating episode was when contestant Mitch Baxley correctly guessed all three songs in the two-hour finale and won the grand prize of $1,000. He has since appeared as a contestant on Celebrity So You Think You Can Make A Cabinet While Blindfolded and Pudding Obstacle Course: All Star Edition.

The Shamrock Brothers – An Irish crime procedural about two debt collectors in the small Irish village of Devonslea as they deal with psychic potato farmers, shady leprechauns and graverobbing communists, all while trying to run the local pub. Plenty of unofficial podcasts have been made about the show, including The Shampod, The Shamrock Podders, and Not Another Shamrock Brothers Podcast. Unfortunately these were all shut down in one of Ireland’s biggest raids earlier this year, resulting in over one hundred arrests, and inspiring the Series Three episode The Mystery of The Podcasting Vicar.

Wedding Cake Wreckaz – If you’re a fan of Nuggo, Lexii and The Squid from 98.8 Flub FM you’re in luck because they now have their own reality prank show! Every episode they crash a wedding, steal the cake and throw it off a bridge. It’s all in good fun though, as the cheeky trio make sure to thank the bride and groom for being good sports in the credits sometimes.

The Misadventures Of Wackadumpling the Triangular Urinal Cake Yes this might technically be a children’s cartoon series, but it has plenty of hidden adult references! Like in the episode where Wackadumpling and his friends Prince Spud and Professor Cheesecake Trumpet smoke cannabis and drink vodka, it’s pretty clear when they wake up the next day “feeling woozy” it’s a clever allusion to them actually being hungover. Or in the season one finale where Wackadumpling loses his virginity to Wendy the Sturgeon at Bisexual Lime’s birthday orgy, the animators managed to sneak in what appears to be a bong in the background!

Tune Blower Upperer – In each episode of this documentary series, a well-respected and critically acclaimed Australian band takes us through the development of one of their trademark songs. Ska band Gnome Boner explain how they wrote their 2002 hit Off Chops, hip hop trio Entree Agassi explain the process of recording their 1998 track Heaps Good, and punk rockers Skunk Duck explain the unique process they went through for their 2004 masterpiece, A Few Cheeky Frothies With The Boys. Like the beer and weed casserole that Gnome Boner front-man Harry “Dickhead” Regent devours while trying to remember anything at all about the 2000s, this three and a half episode series is an easy binge.


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