Murphy’s Guide to Spooky Snacks!

Need ideas for frightening foods and demonic drinks this Halloween? Never fear, wrap your screaming gear around these devilish dishes.

Gingerdead Men

These are like regular gingerbread men but you present the little fellas in morbid positions, like drowned in a glass of milk, crushed to death by an unstable gingerbread house or just simple decapitation. It’s also a delicious and fun way to discuss death with your kids.

Toffee Onion 

Why people would choose to eat a healthy snack during the spooky season is beyond me, so chuck out your apples and grab an onion instead. Just give it a peel, dunk it in some toffee, jab it on a stick, and onion you glad you read this article, you got yourself the breakfast of champions. Oh and obviously make sure it’s a red onion, not brown. That would be gross.

Scary Bread

Fairy bread with a bloody new look. Simply substitute butter with jam and only use red sprinkles!


Trick and treat yourself to a magical drink by scooping a few tablespoons of butter into a warm pint of Carlton Draught. Acraba-voila, you got yourself li’l Harry Potter’s favourite beverage. Stir in some sugar and pumpkin seeds for the full Hogsmeade experience.

Mummy Bears 

It’s Gummy Bears wrapped in bandages. If you can’t find miniature bandages then just serve them as regular gummy bears. Bears are still scary.

Freddo Cougar

You’ve heard of a frog in a pond, well this is a chocolate frog in a drink! To make this cocktail of your dreams, simply place a Freddo in a glass of Cougar Bourbon for some guaranteed nightmare on yum street. Once you’ve had one, you’ll be Wes Craven more!

Zombie Outbreakfast 

Start October 31st right with this Terror de Force of breakfast foods: 

– Ghost Toast 

(use white bread, cos ghosts are white)

– Screambled eggs and boo-can

(Curse the bacon and eggs before you cook them )

– Scareal

(Count Chocula with the milk of a sacrificed goat)

– Freakishly Squeezed Pumpkin Juice

(served in the skull of your worst enemy)


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