Fun Food Facts!

Here is some crazy but true trivia about your favourite foods!


Cantaloupe is the only melon that can bounce.


Instead of a Big Macs, McDonalds in Scotland serve buckets of haggis.


The name Vegemite is a combination of the popular spread’s  two main ingredients, vegetables and termites.


In medieval times, pumpkin soup was used as a shower gel.


Despite often being associated with Italian cuisine, gnocchi was actually invented in Vatican City, during the filming of an episode of ’90s reality cooking program Pope Meals.


White chocolate isn’t actually white.


In France, they simply call French Fries “le chips.”


Crumm Nuts the Clown has been the official spokesperson for Schlucko’s Pies since he was born, making him the longest serving pastry mascot in the world.


As a promotion for Heinz, Sean Bean changed his name to Sean Spaghetti Sauce.


Strawberries, blackberries and  raspberries are technically not berries – they are breeds of alligator.


Quesadilla is an anagram for the Spanish word saquilldea, which means “mmm that’s yummy!”


Lemons are named after the actor Jack Lemmon, who discovered the fruit while filming Some Like It Hot.


Despite their name, baked beans are neither baked nor beans (they are legumes, and are fried).


One in every nine people has choked to death on a hot dog at an ice hockey game.


Later changed to spinach, in the first few Popeye cartoons the titular sailor man consumed chocolate muffins to gain super strength. This was changed because spinach was easier to draw.


The phrase “hit a snag” refers to when Prime Minister of Australia  Gough Whitlam lost his job after running over the Governor General’s new BBQ.


Elephants are actually deathly allergic to peanuts, a fact which is sadly responsible for  32% of all emergency veterinarian bookings.


A 2017 study found that it is possible to not cry when cutting onions if you close your eyes and hum a sea shanty whilst eating an onion.


Sales of Pink lady apples spiked after the release of the film Grease (there is a scene where  Kenickie eats an apple).


Until the late ’80s, the food pyramid was a sphere. The change was implemented after a marketing survey found the majority of people did not trust round objects.


Spam is short for Spitty Pam, the founder’s beloved grandma.


One bite of an apple gives you more energy than sculling a concoction of red bull/ coffee/cocaine out of a cheetah skull.


Hope you enjoyed these tasty food facts! Brain appetit!


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