Top 10 Episodes of Sally Brant, Celebrant

Sally Brant, Celebrant has been a staple of Australian television since it debuted back in February.

The show delves into the personal and professional life of former detective Sally Brant who has recently left the world of policing to embrace her long time dream of marrying people. But our hero just can’t seem to fully escape the world of solving mysteries, as all of her ceremonies tend to lead to a crime that must be solved! And she’s the right celebrant for the job.

I thought I’d share some of my favourite episodes of this inspiring yet entertaining series:


Apocalypse Vow

Sally notices her new mysterious couple’s vows are actually a secret Russian code that when said will set off an explosion. She postpones the wedding to report it to her old friend at the bomb squad, but when she discovers the couple have gone with her rival celebrant Dick Sickly, she must rush to stop the wedding.


Father of the Doom!

Sally learns during a wedding rehearsal that the father of a bride she is marrying is renowned underworld figure Alessio Vendetta and becomes suspicious he will commit a murder while walking his daughter down the aisle.


A Tale Of Two Brides

Sally suspects a bride’s evil twin sister has replaced her at the wedding and must use some clever detective work during the nuptials to uncover the secret.


A Very Spooky Scary-mony

In this halloween special, Sally is  celebranting a monster themed wedding at a mansion in the woods, when the lights go out. When they come back on, the couple (dressed as Frankenstein’s monster and his bride) have been murdered  And everyone at the wedding is a suspect!


An Explosive Wedding!

Sally discovers there’s a bomb in the bouquet and must race to the reception to stop it from being thrown.


Something Fishy!

When the groom is eaten by a shark during a ceremony at the aquarium, Sally suspects the death may be suspicious.


The Mystery Of The Missing Rings!

Sally must save the day when the rings go missing at a very important wedding!


Poison Is A Drink Best Served Cold

When the bride and groom are poisoned by tainted champagne, Sally must rush them to the emergency room before it’s too late!


A Cake To Remember

Sally discovers there’s a bomb in the wedding cake and when her old pal at the bomb squad falls ill,  it’s up to her to defuse it!


Wedding Hard

In this Christmas special, terrorists take over a wedding while Sally is in the bathroom. She manages to communicate with her old boss on a walkie talkie, while climbing through the chapel vents and taking out the bad guys one by one.


So go on, give Sally Brant, Celebrant a cheeky binge watch! If you love a mixture of romance, mystery and action this show was bridesMAID for you!!!


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