‪Crazy Animal Facts!

You might think there’s nothing interesting about animals, but you’d be stupidly mistaken. 

Here are some mind blowing animal facts that’ll make you say “holy shit!” Or should I say, “holy animals!”

The Mexican Walking Fish is not actually a fish, isn’t Mexican, and can’t walk.

Only female giraffes can sneeze.

Because of the shape of their beaks, parrots are unable to say words containing consonants.

A dingo’s poo is pyramid shaped.

‪85% of the world’s flamingos are found in the Australian outback.‬

A teenage otter’s diet consists solely of ethanol.

‪A polar bear’s orgasm does not echo‬.

The name Orangutan comes from the French word orangutano, which means “kooky silly funny orange monkey jester fellow.”

Cheetahs are ironically deathly allergic to Cheetos.

Porpoises only mate in September, 1995.

Raccoons can smell with their teeth.

A group of doves is known as a diarrhea.

The fastest land mammal is a chimp riding a motorbike‬.

The world record for most bandicoots juggled has not been attempted.

Ostriches breakdance when threatened.

It is impossible to determine the gender of a hippopotamus until it has died.

A possum can blink with its kidneys.

It is estimated the average blue whale swallows eight humans in their sleep every year.

A zebra is neither black with white stripes, or white with black stripes, but rather green with no stripes.

Only eight out of twelve species of shark have been discovered.

Pandas cannot hear bacon being fried.

The plural of platypus is platypusesesesesesesi.

The only differences between crocodiles and alligators is crocodiles have eight hearts and alligators can glow in the dark.

Yaks cannot think.

Vampire bats are the only animal to start with the letter V.

Despite being Scotland’s national animal, the unicorn is only found in Belgium.


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