Murphy’s Top Picks for MICF 2016

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is just around the corner!


Here’s a list of some must see shows happening at this year’s fest:


Don Black, “Yeah Nah”


One of Australia’s favourites is returning to the stage to give the public what they want: just real good Aussie stand up.


Lee Ronan, “When In Ronan”


A guide to sex from one of the UK’s cheekiest and best.


Terry Black and Sam Church, “Two Guys, One Hour, Too Many Jokes”


Terry is a 20 something bum who hates the government, Sam is a 31 year old data clerk who works for the government!  But they both see life in slightly warped ways!


Katie Chalmers, “Tinder Tinder Chicken Dinner”


Katie is a 30 something all out of luck and all out of patience!


‘…plenty of laughs”- The Seedy Hampster


Mikey Dyer, “I Did What Now?”


Comedian, writer for The Desk, and massive drinker Mikey Dyer talks about the ridiculous yet hilarious adventures he’s had while out on the town.


“I Haven’t The Woggiest!”


Three of Melbourne’s best Greek/Italian/Not Originally From Australia-n comics talk (and sing!) all thing Woggy


Matt Grey, “50 Minutes of Grey”


Matt Grey is funny! Come see him do jokes.


“Great stage presence”- Arts Online


“Comedy Pom-shell”


The funniest geezas that England has to offer are ready to tickle your funny bones with this crowd pleasing showcase. Previous shows have included David Smith (Four Stars- Giggle Reviews UK)


Ross Hampton, “I Put Down My Bong For This?”


Winner of the Audience’s Choice Award at Bendigo Laughs 2013, Ross isn’t afraid to let you know what he thinks about everyone that isn’t him!


Jack Newton, “Uptown Stunk and Other Twisted Song Parodies


The master of song parodies returns with a fresh batch of cleverly written versions of popular tracks, including “Shag It Off”, “All My Friends Are Wankers” and “You Don’t Know Your Booty’s Full”


Jane Burrows, “Nope”


Debut solo show from Smash Comedy’s List of Best Soon To Be Famous Up n Comers To Keep An Eye Out For of 2016


Brad Lester “Has Had Enough!”


One of Adelaide’s best up and comers, Brad delivers his trademark rant humour.


“…jokes”- Wizzle


The Boner Brothers, “Dickin’ Around”


How many elaborate shapes can you make with your penis? Whatever the answer, the Boner Brothers reckon they can beat it. Perfect for hens nights.


Brad Shepherd, “Kidultery”


Brad is a teen stuck in a 20 something body and proud of it. Come see a hilarious tale of why sometimes growing up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


“…heartwarming…”- WordPress


Dave George, “The Bloke with The Jokes”


Celebrating his 20th year in the industry, let Aaron treat you to an hour of his best gags.


Blake Freeman and Murphy McLachlan “Have Four Last Names”


A couple of 20 something white guys telling anecdotes, gags and A-grade zingers!


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