Murphy’s Guide to Celebrity Trivia

Celebrities: we all know them, we all love them, we all idolise them, we all want to be them, we all hate ourselves.


But did you know the following factoids about our favourite celebs?


You will do now soon!


Courtney Cox and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are sisters.


Morrissey’s actual name is Grant Hubert Shannon Peterson Richards McIntyre Senior the Third.


Will Smith was the original choice for the character of Niles in Frasier.


Ringo Starr has an IQ of 245.


David Lynch wrote the majority of Blue Velvet while trapped in a treasure chest underwater.


Gene Wilder is married to the daughter of Al Pacino.


Sam Neill is legally mute.


Michael Keaton hates bats.


Susan Sarandon got her start after starring in a commercial for Swampy’s Pizza as the cranky toddler who screams “I said Pepperoni, mum!!!”


John Cleese collects roast beef.


Before getting into acting, Lee Majors was a professional drum kit polisher.


Tori Spelling must have sixteen jars of jellybeans on set with her at all times or she believes she will melt.


Julie Andrews had never sung in her life before shooting began for The Sound of Music.


Bruce Willis was Meat Loaf’s best man.


Ellen Page is the only actress to have been nominated for a Golden Globe.


Sigourney Weaver wrote the song Radio Ga Ga.


Ben Stiller turned down the role of the title character in Juno.


Hilary Swank is allergic to lullabies.


Tim Burton once shot a giraffe while drunk at Seaworld (he’d brought it with him).


Kris Kristofferson is part marsupial.


Jeff Bridges invented lava.


Barrack Obama is left handed.


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