Autobiography Title Choosing Time!

There comes a time in every man’s life where he must pick a title for his autobiography. I’ve come up with a shortlist, so that’s exciting! Once I’ve decided on a title, all I have to do is write the actual autobiography, and then boom I’m done!

Here’s what I’m tossing up between:

A Whole Bunch of Hangovers

The Guy with the Rub On Tattoo

So I Married a Hamburger

The World According to Murp

Sometimes Say Never

1001 Sauces I’ve Had Before I’ve Died

I Know What I Did Most Summers

Born Throwing Up

Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich with Bacon and Fries And A Pint Of Beer For The Soul

Barely Legible

Confessions of a Cereal Liker

Twenty Six Years A Slob

Life Is Like a Bucket of Cheesecake

The 1 Habits of Highly Affective Person

Better Than the Bible

Been There, Broke That

To Grill a Chicken Bird

I Probably Shouldn’t Have Done Most of That

Who The Fuck Ate My Cheese?

How I Drank Some Mother

Brews Daze with Murphy

Why I Oughta-biography!!!!


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