The A-Z of Alcoholz

Tired of boring old drinking games like Kings, Drink Until This Wedding is Bearable and Cricket?


Well, you should try The A-Z Of Alcoholz Game!


The rules are simple: You have to drink from the following list of beverages in alphabetical order, one by one, until you throw up, pass out, die, or decide to stop.


Absinthe and coke. The cocaine is optional.


Bacardi Gun. A couple shots worth of Bacardi are shot into your mouth from a double barrelled shotgun or pistol or revolver or bazooka or whatever deadly firearm is available. Ask a friendly police officer and/or bikie to assist.


Cognac Attack. A shot of cognac downed while people punch you.


Drambuie On Ice. Being under the influence of meth is optional.


Emerald Water. It’s absinthe.


Fruity Surprise. A pint of Guinness with the bartender’s choice of fruit juice poured into it.


Grape Juice Surprise. A pint of Guinness with the bartender’s choice of grape juice poured into it.


Heineken’t We Be Friends. A longneck of Heineken downed while listening to “Why Can’t We Be Friends” by War and crying.


Ice Coffee Shot. Don’t do too many of these, it can be bad for your heart.


Jaguar Blood.


Koala Colada. A Piña colada served to you by a koala. If you find this to be too difficult, then you may choose a different wild marsupial.


Lime Cordial Flavoured Absinthe.


Mercury Shot. Smash open a mercury hourglass, down the contents and time yourself using another mercury hourglass. Then smash that one open and down the contents.


Numbatton Up The Hatches. Another marsupial related drink. This can be any beverage of your choice as long as it’s a litre’s worth and served out of a dead (or alive) numbat.


Orange You Glad You’ve Filled This Orange with Premium Vodka. Fill an orange with premium vodka then schluck it hard. This helps to get rid of the taste of the previous fourteen drinks and gets you your daily dose of vitamin C.
Piñata Colada. Fill a donkey full of Piña colada and whack at it until you get the alcohol you crave and deserve.


Quick Bang Shot. Like a “quick fuck” shot but it has a different name.


Rum and Cake.


Spanish Serpent of Siberia. A snake of your choice is chopped up, distilled and served with Drambuie, cider, gin and just a splash of hollandaise sauce. It’s sssssseriously illegal!


Tequila Mockingbird. A shot of tequila served out of your choice of mockingbird.


Umbrella and Absinthe. Absinthe with an umbrella in it. Umbrella is optional.


Vodkamageddon. A shitload of vodka.


Watermelon Full Of Frangelico.


X-Treme Shot: An ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVW shot. (All of the above drinks mixed together in shot form).


Y U Still Alive Shot. An ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWX shot (all of the above drinks mixed together in shot form).


Zebra Drink. This can just be whatever.



So enjoy the A-Z of Drinking game! Maybe suggest a friendly round or two at your next family gathering, book club meeting, or marriage counselling session. And don’t forget to drink responsibly!


One thought on “The A-Z of Alcoholz

  1. Can I add Tequila Mockingbird (a shot of tequila regurgitated into your mouth by a mother mockingbird)?

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